BTL tracker mortgage with flexibility built in.

Always good to see new products come out especially when they give our property investor clients flexibility. It’s a two year tracker mortgage and within the two years you can: – Sell the property – Lock into a fixed rate with the lender No early repayment charges on either option. This will appeal to property… Read More »

Bridging Finance

Auction Finance. Don’t get caught.

Here is a simple guide for reviewing an auction pack when purchasing a property at an auction: Read the legal pack: The legal pack will contain important information about the property, such as title deeds, searches, leases, and any restrictions or covenants affecting the property. You should read through the legal pack carefully to understand… Read More »

Maximising Profits with Buy-to-Let Mortgages: A Guide for Professional Landlords

As a professional landlord, investing in buy-to-let properties can be a lucrative way to build your property empire. However, with interest rate fluctuations and regulatory changes, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of buy-to-let mortgages and how to maximise your profits. In this article, we’ll cover key aspects of buy-to-let investing, from selecting the… Read More »

The old post office, Buckie

Commercial Property: Boost Your Buy-to-Let Portfolio!

Commercial property refers to buildings intended for business purposes rather than residential use. These properties are designed to generate income through rent or capital appreciation, providing an alternative investment opportunity for BTL property investors and developers. Examples of Commercial Property Types: a. Retail properties: These include shopping centres, high-street shops, supermarkets, and out-of-town retail parks.… Read More »

Buy-to-Let: Factors to Consider for a Smart Investment

Here are some issues that lenders may not like when it comes to buy to let properties as well as other factors to consider when making a purchase: Other factors to consider: When considering a buy-to-let property, it’s important to thoroughly research any potential issues or limitations of the property before making a purchase. Working… Read More »

Multi-Unit Freehold Blocks for Property Investors

Multi-unit freehold blocks are becoming increasingly popular among property investors. This article aims to provide an understanding of what these blocks are. Their advantages and disadvantages and essential considerations when investing in them. By understanding the ins and outs you can make well-informed decisions to maximise your property investment and development opportunities. Definition: A multi-unit… Read More »

Top 5 Tips for the Right Buy-to-Let Mortgage

Securing the right buy-to-let mortgage is a critical step in building a successful property portfolio. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 tips for choosing the right buy-to-let mortgage to help you make an informed decision. Know your borrowing options Before diving into mortgage deals, familiarise yourself with the different types of buy-to-let mortgages… Read More »

Bridging Finance for refurbishment of property

Pros and Cons of Bridging Finance when you Refurbish Property

Bridging finance is a short-term loan that can be used for a variety of purposes, including property refurbishment. It can provide quick access to funds for refurbishment projects, but it also comes with its own set of risks. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the pros and cons of using bridging finance… Read More »

Refurbishing your HMO

Unlocking the Benefits of a Successful HMO Refurbishment

HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) properties can be a great investment for landlords looking to obtain a higher yielding rental income. However, over time, these properties can become tired and in need of a refurbishment. A well-planned and executed refurbishment can not only improve the living conditions for tenants, but it can also increase the… Read More »

BTL Mortgages

How to Choose the Right One for Your Property Portfolio

Finding a buy to let mortgage can seem like a daunting process, but with the right advice and guidance you can get the BTL mortgage you need. Here are some tips on how to get started: Do your research Before you start anything, make sure you have done your research. There are a lot of… Read More »

Where have the BTL Mortgages gone?

If you’re looking for a BTL mortgage and want to fix your mortgage rate then think again. You may have to wait as the majority of lenders have removed their fixed rate products. Nearly 40 lenders have done this this week due to the uncertainty in the market. We’ve been here before during Covid and… Read More »

EPC Rating: How Important is it When Buying?

We see many purchasers of BTL property unaware of the proposed EPC changes . Background to Changes The government proposed in December 2020 that all rental properties must have an EPC rating of ‘C’ or above by 2025. All tenancies will have to comply with this regulation by 2028. Renting out a property with an… Read More »

How to repay your bridging loan quickly.

You are relying on the property being sold or refinanced if you are keeping it. These are the most common items which cause delays in the refinance process: – Not starting the process early enough. If you have used a broker to arrange the bridging finance and they are doing the exit keep them updated… Read More »

Don’t just focus on the interest rate

Would you go back to this restaurant? -The food is usually late -Sometimes they bring out the wrong meal -The waiting staff ignore you -You wait an hour to be served -They tell you the wrong ingredients in a meal -Their service is slow -The front of house is very pleasant and is always telling… Read More »

How do you find the best bridging finance lender?

Whether you are a property developer or property investor one of the most common questions we get asked is who is the best bridging lender?  Plenty think they are, especially the ones who are focused on awards but these don’t necessarily mean best. Best can be: -Quickest ☑-Lowest cost over period of loan – This… Read More »

What is whole of market in Bridging Finance?

Does this phrase give you the comfort you need when looking for a bridging finance broker? ” we will search the whole of the market for you “ I’d expect your answer to be yes but do your homework first on the broker as this statement can’t be delivered. Check they have Financial Conduct Authority (FCA… Read More »

Why a valuation for bridging finance is needed

When you are looking for Bridging Finance are you happy when a lender doesn’t want a valuation? The answer from most of our clients is yes, as it’s a cost saving and makes the bridging finance process quicker. But as we’ve seen plenty of examples of why you should always get one. If you already… Read More »

Update your EPC after a refurbishment

A plea to Property Developers. You’ve spent thousands on a refurbishment and are now looking to refinance onto a BTL mortgage to get your money back. Why not spend extra on getting a new EPC once you’re finished your project? Most property developers who come to us for a BTL mortgage to repay their bridging… Read More »

How to compare Bridging Loans

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a Bridging Finance Loan. Clients often focus only on the monthly interest rate and forget all those “hidden” fees and costs. If you only ask one question it’s how much will it cost me in total? The key points are: Interest Rate: Is it calculated… Read More »

Another 80% LTV product for Buy to Let Landlords

It’s good to the see one of our lenders return to 80% LTV on single lets. They have two and five year fixed products for BTL mortgages which come either with a free or discounted valuation. Available for personal and limited company ownership. Portfolio landlords welcome. Tenants working, students and DSS on AST. Corporate Lets… Read More »

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ILA – The Hidden Costs of a Guarantee

When taking out a BTL mortgage 99% of lenders require the directors and possibly shareholders to personally guarantee the mortgage. This guarantee needs witnessing from a solicitor who must explain the legal implications of the document. This is called Independent Legal Advice (ILA). A lot of brokers do not mention this process so when it… Read More »

Tax Returns

It’s that time of the year when last years Tax Information expires. The normal reaction is “I don’t have to submit it until next January”. You are correct, but last years information is now 18 months old to a lender and if you don’t have the current figures you may not get your first choice of… Read More »

Product Choice

You may think it’s comparing one rate with another and that’s it, but there are so many other factors to consider when choosing a BTL mortgage. The more of these you want, the less choice you will have. -Overall Cost. Look at all the costs including lender set up fee, interest over the term, interest… Read More »

Improving the EPC of privately rented homes

We’ve had legislation where a rental property needs an EPC of E or better and now the government has issued a consultation paper to get that to C. This consultation seeks views on the government’s proposal to amend the Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015. They think the proposed amendments would… Read More »

Bridging Finance for refurbishment of property

Light Development Finance

This is ideal for professional developers. You have the deposit, can cover the interest and fees, but could do with some help on the refurbishment costs. This product may be perfect for you. A minimum loan size of £200,000 with a Day 1 loan of up to 75% LTV and a projected gross development value… Read More »

Portfolio Landlords – BTL Remortgage

As a professional landlord it’s not just about the rate when choosing a BTL remortgage, it’s also speed if you are approaching your current lender’s variable rate. If you have a quick lender and competitive rates you are on your way to a speedy completion for your Buy to Let Remortgage. These are some of… Read More »

HMO Mortgages – Room Sizes

Lenders will always ask their valuers to consider the minimum room size and communal space standards in accordance with current RICS guidance. The HMO must have the correct level of communal space, amenities and fire precautions as set out by the respective local authority. The spatial requirements are as follows: Single bedroom: floor area 6.51m2… Read More »

BTL Portfolio Lending

What is BTL portfolio lending and what are the benefits? It’s not to be confused with a portfolio landlord (four or more mortgages). It’s when one lender takes multiple properties on one loan. Very few lenders can do this and it tends to be the banks, both high street and challenger and a few specialist… Read More »

BMV Property – Is it worth it?

Would you buy a new car without researching the model and having a test drive? Would you get married by just seeing a picture of your potential partner? No, you wouldn’t so why are so many looking to buy property from an email which has a headline of “25% BMV “ Now I understand that… Read More »

BTL Yield

Always look at the yield as one of the comparisons when viewing a BTL property and if its high for the area ask yourself why? Once you start investigating you realise that the return is high because the property or location has potential issues. Ones I’ve seen recently include next to a pub, takeaway, massage… Read More »

Refurbishment Lending for Costs

Criteria Initial Loan 70% of the value Refurbishment costs 100% Gross facility up to 70% of end sales value Loan size £250,000- £1.5m Term – up to 18 months Minimum value £300,000 Works must be lower of 50% of current value or £500,000 Experience essential Suitable for Extensions Conversions Planning Permitted development Heavy refurbishment Structural… Read More »

Commercial Investment Mortgage

Background An established residential landlord in Birmingham wanted a commercial mortgage to buy his first commercial property which was rented out to a supermarket. His bank had said no as the existing tenant only had two years left on the lease and they wanted a longer lease. He had approached other brokers who had found… Read More »

BTL Portfolio Restructure Accountants Advice

Today I have come across one of the worst structures implemented by an accountant for a BTL landlord I have seen. The client owns properties personally and he has been told to put all the rental income through a limited company and then create a deed of trust as part of this process. Land Registry,… Read More »

BTL Mortgage Broker Review

Simon is great to work with, very knowledgeable and always helpful. He’s made my first property investment very easy! I couldn’t recommend him enough. Andrew

Excels in knowledge, efficiency and friendly service

Second time using Simon and Searchlight Finance’s services, and just as helpful, friendly and efficient as the first. Simon is very knowledgeable and provides great advice on the type of product and lender that suits your finances, goals and lifestyle. Everything is done online which makes it efficient. Will definitely use again for the next… Read More »

Remortgage of BTL Portfolio in Lancashire

£330,000 refinance from a bank that says No! Due to the age of the applicants, their existing lender had given notice to a long-established Lancashire property company to move it’s property portfolio to another bank or sell. The directors were in their 80’s and spent most of their time overseas and didn’t own a main… Read More »

Light Refurbishment Finance

Has your BTL mortgage been refused due to the condition of the property? Improve the value and the rent on a tired property. Whether it be a new kitchen, bathroom, damp, electrics we have lenders for all of them at competitive rates up to 85% LTV with experience and 75% without. Contact us for refurbishment… Read More »

Great service

I have used Simon a few times and I have always found him very thorough and he is always happy to talk you through any questions you may have. I would happily recommend him. Kelly

Highly recommended

Simon has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the market and gives his best personal attention to all aspects of the service. He has a good relationship with lots of lenders, understands all the key issues faced by landlords and keeps a keen eye on future trends. We were on a tight timescale and he really pushed… Read More »

Excellent service, now my main mortgage broker

Simon is extremely knowledgeable of the whole of the market, and has a very clear idea of which lenders are suitable for which kinds of properties. This advice is priceless to me as it means that I can look at deals and have a good idea in advance of whether finance will be obtainable and… Read More »

Very happy with the service received

Very happy with the service received. Excellent communication/customer service/advice. Will definitely be using Searchlight Finance again. Gareth

A great service.

My experience with Searchlight has been excellent. They took all of the complication out of finding the right product and making the application. Obtaining the finance was hassle free and efficient. Mike

Excellent- helpful, informative, responsive.

Simon was excellent to work with. Helpful, informative and responsive. With his experience and knowledge he was a great asset to have in our corner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or work with again. Tom

Highly professional and experienced mortgage experts

Searchlight Finance have repeatedly found me excellent mortgage deals for my properties, saved me a great deal of money and made the whole process straight forward and virtually stress free. I would highly recommend their services to other investors and home owners. GB

Searchlight Finance are great!

Searchlight Finance are a great company. They have now arranged three of my mortgages and the team have a great knowledge of the mortgage market. They will always ensure sufficient time is allocated to your application and Simon is easy to get hold of for any questions or to offer advice. I thoroughly recommend! Tom

Testimonial from Shawbrook

Searchlight has been working with us for many years and throughout that time has consistently demonstrated all the qualities that set them apart amongst their peers for service and expertise. Simon and the Searchlight team have a close relationship with our underwriting team and can pick up the phone to talk through any roadblocks, shaping… Read More »

Searchlight Finance – the best of the best!

I can’t recommend Searchlight Finance enough. Simon is the most knowledgeable person I’ve met when it comes to property finance. I’ve worked with many people and nobody else comes close. His breadth and depth of experience are second to none and his honest approach has certainly saved me some money over the years! Jay

My ‘go-to’ property finance broker

I have had plenty of experience with property finance brokers over the years, but Simon from Searchlight Finance stands out for me. He is now my ‘go-to’ mortgage broker for my own property investments and also a top referral from me for people within my network and community too. What makes him stand out is… Read More »

Buy-to-Let purchase through Limited Company

I heard about Simon through listening to The Property Hub podcast, where he discussed in depth the in’s and out’s of mortgages in relation to investment purchases. I was very impressed with his knowledge so contacted Searchlight finance to assist in the purchase of my first buy-to-let. Simon guided me through the process, taking lots… Read More »

It’s not just about the rate?

We were recently approached by a new client who had obtained a decent 5-year fix quote from another broker for their limited company BTL. There was nothing wrong with the product but after talking to the client they wanted the following: The ability to reduce the mortgage each year by overpayments A lender that did product transfers, as… Read More »

Light Refurbishment Bridging on Property & Costs

Shawbrook initially launched this light refurbishment product to a limited panel including Searchlight.  Now, normally you would fund the costs out of your own money, which can limit the number of projects you do. Shawbrook will provide additional borrowing as long as: Maximum initial loan 75% of lower of the purchase price or value. The… Read More »

BTL Tip – Mortgage Illustration

Take your time to go through the Mortgage Illustration which shows you everything about the product which includes all fees including arrangement, product, broker and valuation fees and also gives you details on any exit penalties or early repayments. It also explains the rate that it will go to once the initial product is finished… Read More »

When can bridging finance be used?

Standard bridging is ideal for customers looking to secure the purchase or refinance of a residential or investment property including: Chain break – whilst waiting for an additional property sale Raising funds for short term requirements Auction purchase Capital raising for any legal purpose Meeting tight transaction deadlines Light refurbishment: Light refurbishment is used where… Read More »

What is a small HMO to a lender?

• A HMO with C4 planning use specifically relates to smaller HMOs • The classification of C4 originates from C3 with the added benefit of permitted development. • Permitted development allows for a change of use from C3, up to a maximum of 6 occupants, without a full planning application as long as there is… Read More »

£330,000 refinance from a bank that says No

Due to their withdrawal from the market their existing lender had given notice to a long established Lancashire property company to move it’s property portfolio to another bank or sell. The directors were in their 80’s and spent most of their time overseas and didn’t own a main residence in this country. To add to… Read More »

Multi Unit BTL Mortgages

What is it? A freehold property split into self-contained flats. Make sure it has the correct planning permission if it has been converted and building regulations. Lenders want each unit to be greater than 30sqm and to have their own utilities. These can be as simple as a terraced house converted into two self-contained flats… Read More »

Bridging Finance Risks

I deal with bridging finance risks on a daily basis. Like everything in life the vast majority of lenders and brokers are perfectly acceptable and do a good job but there are a few issues that not everyone is aware of. There is a lot of paperwork and you can’t always easily compare one lender… Read More »

Please go we don’t want you!

We all understand why property is not flavour of the month for some lenders who have historic bad debts and we are seeing many long established landlords having their funding lines cut from certain lenders. I have seen 40 year connections told, please repay we don’t want you any more. It’s important you have a… Read More »

HMO Mortgage – First Time Landlord

The Issue – A first-time landlord with a 7 bed HMO was told by a specialist HMO broker they were not mortgageable due to lack of experience. They had a property worth £400,000 which they wanted to remortgage at 75% LTV after an extensive refurbishment. They were concerned they would have to wait two years… Read More »

Another happy BTL mortgage client in London

“Thanks to you and your team, Simon for making the BTL process via a Ltd Co run smoothly and keeping me up to date on its progress, especially when there was the initial issue with the DIP.” Unbeknown to our clients their credit file was incorrect and we told them how to correct it. This… Read More »

How do you calculate bridging interest?

I’m surprised how many just focus on the monthly rate. The way interest is charged is equally as important as it can make a big difference in how much you pay. Firstly you should have been made aware of this before the application stage. There are three ways for lenders to calculate interest: Serviced This… Read More »

BTL products we have access to …

We have direct access to lenders that will consider:- Limited Company applications Single Freehold split into multi-unit Multi Lets HMOs of all sizes Portfolio Finance Student Tenants DSS/LHA Tenants Flats above shops, restaurants Rental valuations on HMOs No minimum income Limited Company applications Pension and Trust applications Professional landlords

Case Study for New Build Flats

A Cheshire based company had built four apartments with total land and build cost of £200,000 and the properties were valued at £440,000. Lenders had been approached by our clients and all were either not interested as they were property developers, or wanted them to leave some of their money in the project so they… Read More »

Financing a Flip

  A flip is buying a property and then selling quickly, hopefully at a profit. It may be a refurbishment to increase the value or you may just be trading property. There are only two ways to finance these: Cash, which may be from a remortgage of another property Bridging Finance Don’t use a mortgage… Read More »

Buy to Let Light Refurbishment Finance

Refurbishment Finance is not for everyone as there are strict criteria but it does show there can be an alternative to bridging. For a property that requires a level of light refurbishment which doesn’t involve any structural work or change in planning then it’s a very cost-effective way of adding a property to your portfolio.… Read More »

Case Study – Residential Development Finance

An experienced developer had been declined by their bank as they felt they were doing too many developments (this was the third!) so refused to lend. Based on the previous track record and their professional team a loan of £500,000 was agreed which was 65% of the current value and  100% of build costs and… Read More »

Bridging Loans

What can Bridging Loans be used for? Bridging loans are used for a number of reasons. These range from conventional bridging, where a homeowner wishes to purchase a new home but hasn’t sold their current property, to auction finance, refurbishment and conversion. What Can Go Wrong? It’s a short time loan and not suitable for… Read More »

Remortgage a BTL within 6 months of purchase

  These are the most common reasons we see for remortgaging within 6 months with our lenders that do this – Repay bridging finance, raise funds for another project or get a lower rate.  

Build to Let Finance

You may want to develop a property to keep and rent out. We can fund the build and the long-term mortgage. Contact us now with your project.    

Auction Finance at 75%

Yes 75%. Valuation instructed same day and a fast track legal process to reduce the stress. All the lender asks is that you have at least two rental properties. Contact us now to get your purchase agreed.  

You have to wait 6 months to remortgage your BTL. True or False?

I keep hearing about the 6-month rule – technically it’s not a rule as lenders view it very differently. Some enforce it almost to the minute whilst others are more comfortable.I keep hearing about the 6-month rule – technically it’s not a rule as lenders view it very differently. Some enforce it almost to the… Read More »

Time to change banks?

I deal with the Bank’s every day and its clear there is a huge difference in what they say in the media and what they do. They keep banging the drum that they are open for business and they have money to lend. But do they want to lend? Yes they do but you now… Read More »

Bridging Finance – How strong is your exit route?

Do all lenders care about the exit? Not wanting to be too controversial but various cases have led me to the conclusion that not all lenders look in detail on how they are going to get repaid. I must stress it is some and not all. Being the rare breed that I am of broker,… Read More »

BTL Mortgages for Unusual Properties

Unusual properties that some lenders are happy with : • Japanese Knotweed- restrictions relaxed • Wimpey No Fines (If constructed post-1964 and not a bungalow or a flat) • Laing Easiform (if constructed post-1966 and not a bungalow or a flat) • Ex-local authority houses • New Build flats • Properties next door to one… Read More »

One of our Buy to Let Lenders

• No limit on number of properties owned • No limit on background mortgage amounts • No minimum income for existing landlords • Existing landlords don’t need to be owner-occupiers• Loans up to 80% LTV • Maximum age 85 for repayment • Professional Landlords and Developers welcome • Property Income accepted Contact us now to… Read More »

Bridge to Let

What is it? It’s two products with the same lender. The first part is a short term/bridging loan to enable you to purchase the property and refurbish it. Once complete the second part allows you to take out a long-term mortgage against the increased value and rent. Example • Purchase Price £200,000 – initial loan… Read More »

HMO Landlord in Reading

“I have used Simon’s services for several times over numerous projects. Having spoken to other brokers operating within the property sector, it is evident that Simon’s in depth knowledge of lending is second to none. He really does know the market and suitable products for individual projects. I have always found him pleasant to speak… Read More »

First Time Landlord

Always good to see a first-time landlord get their first property and great feedback is always welcome. This was a bridge to let product for a client based in Hampshire on a property worth £200,000. ” We completed the re mortgage today, funds received. I wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your… Read More »

Developer Exit Funding

A developer in Shropshire had built flats worth £2m and wanted £1.4m to repay an expensive development loan. They had already been turned down by a specialist lender through another broker. We went to another lender but with a more comprehensive summary of the deal and the loan was agreed “I wish I had come… Read More »

Comnercial Finance – Does your broker do this?

Overview of proposal Collation of lender responses including comparison of indicative interest rates and fees Completion of application to chosen lender(s) Negotiation with lenders on terms and conditions of loan along with costs Liaising with lender and their legal advisers, valuer and you to ensure that completion of the transaction is as stress-free as possible… Read More »

Limited Company BTL Advice

Thanks to a Kent based landlord  for these comments. ” Just come off the phone with Simon Allen from Searchlight Finance discussing financing options available following incorporation. Simon is a subject matter expert who is passionate about his profession and is a thoroughly nice bloke. Highly recommended if you need to talk to a broker… Read More »

What Shawbrook’s clients say about us.

Shawbrook Bank surveyed their clients asking what they thought of the broker that dealt with their property finance application. They published eight of these replies and we’re proud to say that two were ours. It’s all anonymous so thank you whoever you are. “Simon at Searchlight Finance was hugely knowledgeable and efficient” “Excellent communication throughout from Searchlight… Read More »

BTL Mortgage into Retirement

A  75 landlord was looking to refinance a portfolio valued at £800,000 he owned in Derby.  The age of the applicant meant his current high-street lender rejected his application and wanted the mortgage repaid. He had to put the properties on the market in order to sell them even though he wanted it to be a… Read More »

BTL Mortgages for Professional Landlords

One of our BTL lenders for professional landlords: Up to 80% LTV Standard and specialist buy-to-let products for all types of landlord (including limited companies) Single residential units, HMOs and multi freeholds Choice of competitive fixed and variable rates No portfolio limits Maximum age 85 at end of mortgage term (79 at start of the… Read More »

London Based Purchase of a Retail Property Investment

“We wanted to say thank you for all of your excellent help and advice in helping us to secure the finance to enable us to purchase the shopping centre and the additional assistance along the way to get it over the line! It was truly invaluable and we are very grateful”

BTL Mortgage Rental Calculations

When calculating how much you can get on a BTL mortgage rental calculations can be quite complex. One lender has eight different calculations depending on property type, loan term, rate chosen and tax status. Working out how much you can get is a bit more complicated. But we do this many times a day so… Read More »

Bridging Finance-How does it get repaid?

I’m surprised at how many enquiries I get from clients who taken out bridging finance through another broker who has not got a firm exit in place. If you don’t have the funds to repay it there are only two ways it can be repaid, either the sale of the property or a remortgage. With… Read More »

BTL on Non Standard Construction Property

I am extremely grateful that you have been able to obtain a loan for me on this property. After my usual broker exhausted all options available to him, I had almost resigned myself to selling the house. Had it not been for the podcast, I would not have been aware of your services.

Bridging Finance-Customer Feedback

“I have just completed on my 2nd investment property. It’s a wreck in Birmingham that will be turned around in the next 3 months. I would like to say a massive thank you to Simon Allen from Searchlight Finance for an absolutely fantastic service.” Very kind words and one we were particularly proud of as… Read More »

10 Reasons to use Searchlight Finance

Support and inform you from initial enquiry through to completion and beyond. Education service on market in general and 16 years experience of being a landlord. Take the time to gain a detailed knowledge of your circumstances and aspirations Provide impartial, expert and external scrutiny of mortgage products. Identify when your circumstances do not meet the… Read More »

Case Study: Short Term Loan for Addition of another BTL to Portfolio

  Shawbrook is pleased to report the completion of a short-term loan at 55% LTV, for a client of Strategic Partner ‘Searchlight Finance’. The purpose of the loan was to raise funds for the purchase of another investment property, with the client having very recently transferred ownership of a buy-to-let (BTL) property from their individual… Read More »

Bridging Finance – Customer Feedback

“I’ve been working with Simon for over a year now and frankly it’s been a revelation compared with previous experiences I’ve had. Simon has an exceptional depth of knowledge, not just of the lending market but also property investment in general. I always learn something new when discussing possible financing options with him and he… Read More »

BTL Remortgage – Customer Feedback

“Special thanks to Simon Allen for sorting the re finance on my single let rental property. Highly recommended professional service. I am ready for my next project now.” Anthony-Birmingham based landlord

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