Terms of Business Acceptance

I understand and agree to the terms and conditions and information outlined in this document and wish to proceed with instructing Searchlight Finance Ltd to assist with our finance application. I have authority to sign this agreement and bind all other partners or directors to the terms.

I understand when Searchlight Finance Ltd apply to a lender on our behalf the lender may undertake a credit search. This credit search will be performed to determine the credit worthiness of the applicant(s) and details of this search will form a permanent part of my/our credit record. I understand that repeated searches of this nature can have an adverse effect on my/our credit record.

If you are applying with another party, the lender may share the financial information of all parties so each applicant to the loan will be able to see the personal and portfolio information of all the other applicants.

In respect of the fees payable for finance advice as detailed in this document I give my authority for payment to be made to the lender using the supplied card details when the payments fall due and I understand the fees once paid are not refundable.

I give authority for Searchlight Finance Ltd to provide progress updates to your solicitor and estate agent if applicable.

If for any reason the Searchlight Finance Ltd application fee is not paid before completion of the loan, I give my irrevocable authority for our solicitor to deduct the fee from the completion funds and forward this directly to Searchlight Finance Ltd.

Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any debt secured on it.

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